Road Transportation

Road Transportation

Road Transportation

Dana Kuwait Shipping & Forwarding trucking service offers customers door-to-door delivery options within the GCC Region.

Operating within the GCC Region linking the main GCC states, DKS is ideal for manufacturers and distributors requiring consistent transit and delivery time.With the GCC customs unification and improved regional road networks, DKS is the most viable and economical alternative to moving goods across the Gulf countries, as compared with other traditional modes such as sea or air freight.

DKS also handles overland transportation from Kuwait to/from Iraq.

Transportation to the New Iraq

DKS takes a non-asset based approach to transportation management. While we have made a strategic decision not to invest in transportation assets, we have formed strong working relationships with specialists in every mode of transportation. This unbiased, objective approach allows us to choose the carriers that will maximize service and drive value for you –not for us.


• Transportation to Iraq via Kuwait and within Iraq.
• Security for your cargo inside Iraq.
• Transportation management is a key element in DKS integrated logistics solution. But don’t look for our name on trucks, look for it in logistics solutions that drive your business success.