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Where your stuff goes, we go too…

As a Logistics solution provider, Dana Kuwait Shipping complements its services by offering Dana Kuwait Express; defined as a specialized service catered for businesses by providing delivery and retrieval of important document and packages for the local market. Or support team and drivers are specialized and committed to meeting you needs and demands wherever the go.

Dana Kuwait Express promises the following:

• Daily follow-up and update on your valuable documents and packages , we’ll make you feel as if you’re doing he delivery without getting setting foot out of your offices.

• We ensure your delivery is as safe and valuable to us it is to you.
• All your deliveries are a priority for us.

Dana Kuwait Express offers:

• Documents and packages are handled securely with care.

• On time delivery

• Don’t worry about hiring a full time messenger; we will do just that at a fraction of the cost

• Our back end office is dedicated at taking your enquires and providing after sales service.

• Whatever packages you have, wherever in Kuwait you want them to be, we will deliver

• Companies, Banks, restaurants… our list keeps on building